Monday, 28 November 2011

2nd post

   When I was writing my 1st post, I felt really excited as I never did more than writing camps stories and posting videos. By doing these 2 blogs I realised that I could express my happiness here. When creating these blogs I was not sure what to write especially the first one and I could even 'decorate' my blog too! Most of the blogs I write in does not have this feature.
   Blogging can be part of our learning device @ SST cause you can allow others to see your useful posting like you post a 'Creation of the Universe' video, others might watch it and learn interesting facts from it. others can comment about the video or share their knowledge about that particular subject. By blogging and knowing each other's URL blog website we can read each other's knowledge and how they feel about a particular thing and if its negative we can comment on their post to like comfort them... It will be very good if these blogs are used during projects.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

1st post -feeings when receiving a letter of confirmation @ SST

Shocked and surprised
  Upon receving a letter that confirms my posting to SST, I was shocked and surprised. I didn't know that I would pass the DSA application as I failed the other two DSA - Nan Hua and Cresent Sec Sch. I quickly opened the letter and read the words again and again....I could not believe it! It was the happiest day of my life!